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Feb 1, 2013 12:00pm EST
, the pbs kids they can interact with. but what they enjoy the most is hopping into a car and sitting behind the wheel. >> it really is amazing. going to the displays where you can drive things around is cool, too. >> there's a fiat on display insides the convention center. you can hop into the fiat and one of the professional drivers will take you around the track indoors and there are ride and drives outside of the convention center where you can drive some of the vehicles. >> in terms of the new technology and vehicles on display, what are some trends people will see when they come to the auto show this weekend? >> i think that is what our advantage in washington. the manufacturers want to show not only the consumers but congress what they can do as manufacturers. you'll see three technologies. not only electric vehicles but also the different hybrids that you have and finally hydrogen. you're going to start to see these manufacturers talking about hydrogen. >> nuts and bolts time. when and where, how do we get tickets? is where your viewers want to go. it starts to
Feb 24, 2013 1:30pm EST
five former pb are world champions. and our lead dog continues to be luke snyder. grew up 30 miles away from kansas city looking to give everybody here the most cheer about. >> still to come, two young guns of the pbr, ty pozzobon takes on mississppi hippy. and then, marco eguchi climbs aboard della checketts junior as the pbr rides on from kansas city. alribut if you wanna get up from close and personal,ain. vegas is where you wanna be. cuz that's where you'll find the pbr built ford tough world finals. enter at "clash of the cowboys" dot com, and you could find yourself nose to nose with the biggest bulls...and the arena. vip access puts ya front and center for the most dangerous eight seconds in sports. and one winner will wrangle their own beast: a new ford f150 with ecoboost. so cowboy up pal. shorty: today's pick up the pen is mississppi hippy. this bull weighs in at a whopping 2300 pounds. you can see how high he is back in there. he doesn't have to do very much to be a strong bull. it is true, they're smart, not that we don't know what we're talking about, but mississ
Feb 19, 2013 12:00am EST
special can be seen on pbs march 2nd. ladies and gentlemen, well company back to the late show, aaron neville ♪ >> ♪ from nowhere through a caravan ♪ around the campfire light a lovely woman in motion ♪ ooh with hair as dark as night ♪ ooh her eyes were like that ♪ ooh of a cat in the dark that hypnotized ♪ me with love she was a gypsy woman ♪ she was a gypsy woman she danced around and round ♪ to a guitar melody from the fire her face was all aglow ♪ ooh how she enchanted me ♪ ooh oh how i'd like to hold her near ♪ and kiss and forever whisper in her ear ♪ i love you gypsy woman i love you gypsy woman
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3